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If you are looking for homes for sale in Abbotsford then you must also be interested in decorating and doing up the home in the best way possible. You will find a lot of ways to dress up your new home and decorate it well and all these can become your best advice but below are a few cheap ways to decorate your home on a shoe string budget.

1. Wall stickers – You can buy wall art stickers which you can stick to the walls of your home. These are extremely easily available in the markets and are also very cheap. You can buy any of these as per your choice and these can be used to spruce up dull and boring walls in a limited budget. Wall stickers are fairly common these days and easily available and work really well in decorating your home.

2. Fairy lights – Another cheap and easy way to spruce up your home is to use fairy lights. Fairy lights can make the room look exotic and beautiful in a jiffy. Lighting is a main part of a room’s décor and the cheapest and easy way to make the lighting look unique is to have fairy lights that look lovely but are super cheap to have. You can use these in any way you like. You can use these as a canopy above your beds or just twirl these around your curtain rods. You can even use small showpieces that are lying neglected and use the fairy lights to twirl around these lights and give your home a new look.

3. Posters – This is an age old and very popular method of making the home look beautiful and stylish. You can buy cheap posters either online or from your local markets and use them in such a way so as to make a pattern on the walls. These posters can brighten up the look of dull and colorless walls by adding a dash of multicolor elements to it and these also carry a message that you want to put across. You can get posters that go along well with your passions and things you like to do. If you want, you can even frame these posters to give them an even more polished look and appeal.

4. Fresh flowers and plants – You can get fresh flowers into your home and use them in vases, bowls and any other container. You can also add greenery to your home in the form of potted plants. Indoor plants work very well in homes and let you have a dash of freshness and greenery in your rooms.

5. Cushions from waste cloths –If you have any bright and colorful cloths lying around your home which is of no use, get a little crafty and use the same to make cushions out of it. Use these multicolored cushions in each and every room of your house to give your home a very special and colorful look that is easy to achieve and super good to look at.

Now that you know how to do up your lovely home, it is time to hunt for homes for sale in Abbotsford. However, with, this is not a difficult task. will help you get the most beautiful home you have desired at the location that you love the most and in the budget that you decide. You can now choose your dream home and you get the benefit of becoming a home owner and decorate your home the way you like it.

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The debate between rented homes and owned homes is never ending. Depending upon the budget, personal choice and other factors, one can choose either a rented accommodation or an owned accommodation. There are still a few reasons why an owned home is better than a rented home and these are as below:

1. No stress of rent – In a rented accommodation you are always stressed about paying the rent each month. If you default on any of your payments, the landowner can rebuke you or you may be asked to leave if you are always late in paying the rent. In your owned home there is no stress of paying rent. You live in your own home without any tension.

2. Permanent address – The main issue of living in a rented accommodation is that the landlord can ask you at any point to leave and move out. You are at the mercy of the landowner. You never have the security of living in your own home. However, when you are in your own home you will be safe and you will have the security of staying at one permanent address for several years till the time you like.

3. Repairs and paints – When one lives in a rented accommodation, you cannot make any modifications in the form of repairs and paints in the new home. However, in your own home you are free to make all kinds of repairs, modifications and adjustments as per your choice. You can get the paints of your choice, the additions of your choice and all things as per your liking and need.

4. Return value – When you buy your own home you invest quite a good deal of money into it. This also means that you have a ready asset at your disposal. If at a later date you are forced to sell off your property you get very good returns from it. So, whatever money you invest in your home only appreciates and the value of your heard earned money increases.

5. Property as an asset – Having a home to your name makes you a homeowner and this way you have a good amount of property on your name. This is a fixed asset that will be with you for years to come. You can later use the home as the guarantee to buy another property or to take a loan or any other similar purpose.

6. No hassle of repeated paperwork – if you live in rented accommodations then you will have to keep on moving around the town over the years again and again. Each time you move, you will have to request a change in address in all important documents and id proofs. However, when you live in your own property you have no hassle of this repeated change in address. Then you can simply have one permanent address for all the years to come.

7. Larger home to rent out – If you have the capacity to buy a larger home than you need, you can then rent out the extra space and you will become a landlord yourself. This way, you get additional income from your property as well.

There are many homes for sale in Abbotsford which can be yours. All you need to do is get in touch with Here you will get the best of advice on home buying and the best help to let you choose the best home for yourself. It is time to become a home owner and say goodbye to rented homes now.

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Having a dream home is a feeling that is hard to describe and put into words. It is one of the best feelings in the world and anyone would love to have their dream home ready and decorated nice and well. However, it is true that when one gets a new home, one often ends up spending each penny on the house itself. How then can you still decorate the home in a limited budget and still have it ready for the housewarming party?

Well, it is not so hard to decorate a home on a shoestring budget and let us give you a few tips on how to get it done.
1. Fairy lights: Fairy lights are a cheap and easy way to brighten up your home and give it a lovely look. These come in a limited budget and can be used in a number of ways. One way is to hang these on the outer areas of the home like the balconies or the porches. The second way is to take empty glass bottles of milk/beer or whiskey and stuff a few of these lights into the bottles. Then another way is to hang these along with curtains on the curtain rods to give the curtains a lit up appeal. You can be innovative with these lights and use them in a number of ways that you like and prefer.

2. DIY wall motifs: Use a little bit of creativity and make your own wall hanging or wall motif. All you need is a beautifully patterned paper. You can use either wallpaper, gift wrapping paper or any kind of printed and pretty looking paper. Then use a bit of padding at the back of the paper and cutting it into different shapes and sizes, stick it in an abstract fashion on an empty wall. Use contrasting patterns to give your wall pattern an interesting and attractive look.

3. Trays: You can use simple and cheap kitchen trays as wall hangings too. These act as an innovative wall décor and you can use all kinds of patterned trays to spruce up the interiors of your home.

4. Clip boards: One very beautiful and easy way to do up the interiors is to buy cheap clipboards or use the old ones and use the same to hold some interesting message or some bright and beautiful patterns. These clipboards can then be hung on the walls in different rooms or a single wall in a single room. You could right motivational messages on the boards or just have bright patterned papers on it and this could become a very pretty way to spruce up your home.

5. Washroom ladder: Instead of building up cupboards and storage areas in a bathroom, it is better to get a washroom ladder where you could hang up different linen from the bathroom like the towels, the napkins and so on.

6. Fresh flowers: Invest a little bit in a few seeds and plant those in your garden and once the plants start to flower, you get to use the fresh flowers inside the home as a fresh and beautiful addition to the interiors of your home. This is a cheap and easy way to spruce up your home and make it lovely smelling as well.

If you are still looking for the perfect home in the Fraser valley area then check out the lovely homes for sale in Abbotsford which could be yours easily with the help of These experts will guide you to the best of properties that you can buy within the minimum budget. Then you can have your own home and decorate it too.

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Buying a home is a huge event by all regards. Buying your first home or dream home is an activity that is definitely not easy. It is something that one does rarely and this is why the dream home is such a huge asset to have. However, a lot of research and thought goes into choosing the perfect dream home that is a great investment and a delight to live in. We have put together a list of things that you can consider before you make the choice of a home.

1.       Location- You obviously have to ensure that the location is suitable to you and your family. There is not point buying a home which is far away from your workplace and the workplaces of your family. So, make sure that you keep in mind that the location must be appropriate for all members of your family. The location should be suitable to you and also make sure that you keep in mind the future requirements as well. Like if the area you are choosing does not have any schools it might turn out to be a problem for your kids when they need to join a school.

2.       Budget- This is the most important factor that will help you decide on a home. You have to adhere to your budget. Neither should you overshoot your budget and create a burden for yourself and your family, nor should you underutilize your budget. Make sure that you stay exactly on your budget. If you are looking to buy home in Abbotsford then the best people to consult are

3.       Appreciation Value- You must be sure that the home you are buying has a lot of appreciation value. This way, if you ever need to sell it and move out, it should always give you more returns. Ensure and check with the realtor the rates of the property in the area and buy a home that has enough of appreciation value.

4.       Need for repairs- You might get a home that is fully ready to move in or you might get your hands on one that requires some amount of work to be done. So, ensure that you get a home as per your requirement. If you have the time and bandwidth to get the home repaired, then get one that needs repairs and if you want to move in immediately then go for one that is ready to move in.

5.       Facilities- Before you make the decision, you must survey the area to see if the area has enough amenities and facilities. Simple civic amenities like hospitals, community centers, police station and so one must be in the vicinity of your home and you must be able to reach all the important amenities within a short duration of time.

6.       Terms- Before you make the purchase you should check if the home has proper terms with relation to parking space, repair costs, maintenance costs and so on. It is better to have all things clarified beforehand and not have any ambiguity pending at a later stage.

If you want to buy homes in Abbotsford then the only place to visit is Here you will get the best of property in the most reasonable price and you will also be guided to make the best choice to get the best of your money. Never feel confused and choose the best homes in Abbotsford and buy a dream home that remains in your family forever as an asset. 

Buying a home is a huge event by all regards. Buying your first home or dream home is an activity that is definitely not easy. It is something that one does rarely and this is why the dream home is such a huge asset to have. However, a lot of research and thought goes into choosing the perfect dream home that is a great investment and a delight to live in. We have put 

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Imagine one has the budget for a luxury home but still needs to decide whether it is a good idea to get a luxury home or buy a simple home and invest the rest of the money in some other place. In such a case, one needs to ensure that the decision to choose a luxury home is well thought of and deliberated. Here are a few reasons why you should pick a luxury home and not a budget accommodation.

1. Resale value- A luxury home will naturally have more space, better location and better fixtures. Luxury homes will be built with the motive of spending more money and thus having a property with better concepts and better returns. So, the resale value of a luxury home will be higher if compared to a normal budget home. If you are someone who likes to constantly shift and change the home where you live in then luxury homes are for you as you can often sell them off at great profits.

2. Better location- Luxury homes are almost always placed at great locations. So, the money or the cost price of the home is definitely worth it because you are even getting a better location where you can live comfortably among posh neighborhood and latest modern amenities all around the area. The quality of life at such areas is definitely better and worthwhile.

3. Amenities- Living in a luxury home gives you a whole lot of amenities. Luxury homes are luxurious inside out. This means that they are fitted with some amazing amenities and have all the latest facilities as well. So, if you pay a little bit extra to get a luxury home, you even get some high end facilities and amenities in return for the same.

4. Upmarket impression- For many people in different careers, it is imperative to have a home that looks and appears upmarket. For all such people a luxury home is a preferred option as it can impress their guests and get them a high social status which is a must for some careers.

5. Longevity- As luxury homes are fitted with the best of amenities and fittings, the home and all of its appliances and fittings will have more longevity as compared to the budget homes. You won’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance costs for several years to come if you invest in a luxury home.

6. Property asset- A luxury home will obviously become a valuable asset for you in the form of a property that is extremely appreciating and will not depreciate no matter what. So, it can be passed on from generations to generations as a family heirloom.

7. Living quality- Having a luxury home and staying a good location obviously provides you with a higher life quality. Everything is better set up and all amenities are proper and in place. This takes stress away from life and gives you a long and peaceful life.

If you are convinced that a luxury home is the thing for you then you must get one right away. There are plenty of luxury homes in Abbotsford that can be yours. All you need to do is reach out to The experts here will ensure that you get the best luxury home that you are looking for and also that you get the best worth of every penny that you pay. You will also get consultation and counselling regarding the location of the home, the kind of home to choose and the best way to approach for a loan and mortgage. The best luxury homes in Abbotsford can now be yours with

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Having your own condo is like a dream come true. You may have saved for several years before finally making a decision to buy a condo. Here are a few tips on how to style your condo and make it look stylish and premium from the inside.

  1. Clean spaces- Condos are associated with modern, spacious areas and clean spaces. Thus, large and clean space will make a condo look good and large. Try not to stuff too many furniture items inside the condo and you will have a stylish and clean space.
  2. Artificial lighting- By using artificial lighting in the right places, you can really transform the look of your home. Light lighting on the ceiling and bright lights on the open spaces like patios and balconies helps lift the look of the home.
  3. Colors- These days the colors best suited to condos are actually muted shades of neutrals like grey, beige, white and fawn shades. Try to infuse these colors as these are useful in giving a very royal and premium contemporary look to the interiors of your home.
  4. Wall designing- You can use some of the great wall designing available to have the walls of your home looking great and to ensure that they match up to the rest of the décor as well. Using wall textures and styles will help in wall designing and innovating.
  5. Water infusion- Infusing some fresh water into the interiors of the home really works wonders. This can be done with the help of fountains and small décor items that have water. This can actually also be done with the help of just taking a large bowl or well-designed basin and filling it with water and a few rose petals to have a stylish look in the home and have a fresh feeling about it.
  6. Dangling lights- Lights that are fixed have a stationary but dangling lights have a really mobile appeal when it comes to interiors. Dangling lights could be chandeliers, fairy lights, some kind of decorative and festive lights and so on. You can even mix and match dangling lights with stationary lights to make these look well matched and coordinated.
  7. Modular spaces- Use the space that you have in a modular fashion. This will help you have multipurpose spaces in your condo. You must prefer modular kitchen in place of a full kitchen and try to choose a stylish and modular bathroom than a dull and traditional one.
  8. Pictures and paintings- As condos are to be designed and decorated in the most contemporary fashion, it will be a good idea to have certain pictures and paintings in the home to deck up the walls. These pictures can either be family portraits or you could go for some paintings by great artists that will also show off your taste in modern art.
  9. Sculptures- Similarly, you may also choose sculptures to decorate the condo and give it a very unique and meaningful appeal. Your condo needn’t be boring or old fashioned. Stylish sculptures will make it look artsy and designer.

If you are looking for condos in Abbotsford, then the best people to consult will be The experts here will help you find the most affordable and most stylish condos in Abbotsford and you can then design and decorate your dream home in the best way possible. With, you can be assured of getting the best deals in the most pocket friendly prices and you will get the best advice related to property buying and selling here.

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Owning a home is a wonderful feeling and one wants nothing but the best for their new home. In this article we will take a look at some of the most interesting and easy home makeover ideas that will make you want to stay home and enjoy it to the fullest.


Swapping the wooden siding with fibre cement: The biggest advantage of fibre siding is that it is made to last and once installed it can stay the test of time for years to come. It comes in a wide range of shapes such as lap boards- both horizontal and vertical, shingles and batt styles. It is hard to distinguish from food and is a long lasting product that can handle weather changes well. It also suits paints and preserve the good look of the house for years to come.


Replace the roof of the home to a permanent or durable one: You can consider metal roofing as it is the sturdiest of the lot and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as well. The present day roofing options are abundant with choices like clay tiles, wood shakes and mimic slate. This roofing also protects against fire and it also qualifies the owners for an insurance. While you are at it, look for the baked on enamel finish products, also you should go for the rust-proof undercoating to live without fear of having a damaged roof anytime soon.


Change the flooring with laminated floors: Laminated flooring is the best way to have a low maintenance floor at home. You can do it yourself at a very nominal cost and the options available in the trade can give natural stone or hardwood effects without having to spend the actual amount. It is resistant to scratches, stains and repels moisture to a great extent. Laminated floors also hold their own well in varying temperatures and humid environments.


Opting for quartz countertops: One of the primary reason that the designers suggest quartz countertops in home is the fact they never stain. They are long lasting and are available in a wide range of colours. They also have many patterns to choose from and this makes quartz countertops a wise choice. They are tough and durable and also provide protection against scratches, microbes and stains.


Choose fibreglass for windows: Want something that it resistant to moisture and rotting? Want something that won’t just warp like the wooden products? Then Fibreglass is the perfect option for your home. Also, they come in appearance that looks just like wood and at a much lower price. It is stable and doesn’t warp evening during temperature changes. They are easy to maintain and thus a reliable option to for.


Composite decking: Composite decking is no longer the way it used it to be. Today it comes in awesome appearance of cedar, exotic woods or even redwood that resemble teak and walnut too. It is strong and doesn’t splinter. There is low chance of fading and no rotting occurs in the product as well.


Set up an irrigation system: Having a weather sensing irrigation system makes life easier and is also beneficial for the greenery around the house. It gathers information about the weather and irrigates the lawns as and when required. This helps save a lot of resources and adds convenience for the owner. When you are away the system can easily take care of all the plants in your lawn.


Now that you know how to maintain and modify your home it is time to find one. Visit today to find a large number of options starting at $300,000 only. 

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There are several factors that are involved in making any place a good opportunity for investments. These include the price of the properties, the overall real estate scenario, the resale value and so on and so forth. If you are interested in the Abbotsford real estate market and want to invest in it then you should definitely take a look at the following reasons that make the Abbotsford real estate market a good place for investment.

1. Possibility of having houses with acreage- Abbotsford is a great location in the Fraser Valley area where there is a possibility of buying houses and farmhouses with acreage. These farms have several advantages and one can use these to do full-fledged farming which will bring profits in the long run making the property an earning asset instead of being a liability.

2. Atmosphere- Abbotsford has a good and positive atmosphere around it and is a great place to have a home. The area is a clean area and the weather conditions are quite favorable. Thus, the area is a good place to reside in in the long run.

3. Farming benefits- Abbotsford is a place that is good for farming and has all the essential points that make it a great farming destination. You can run a thriving farm in the area and it will be beneficial and profitable for you.

4. Soil and land- The soil in the area is fertile and very good for farming different kind of plants and fruits. You can research the market and see what crops you want to sow and then you may farm the same crops if they seem profitable.

5. Education and amenities- The area is also great in terms of education and amenities. If you do plan to shift here with your family and you want to make this place your permanent home, then you would obviously be concerned about the education of your kids and their future. In Abbotsford, you can get access to good quality education on primary, secondary and middle level.

6. Job Opportunities- The area also has ample of job opportunities for people in all fields. This means that you can settle down here with your family and will be able to work too if you are looking for a job.

7. Food and Necessities- Fraser valley area is good for all kinds of necessities. This allows anyone to live tension free with their families and you can enjoy the benefit of the splendid area to live in.

8. Other amenities- Abbotsford is a good area for all other kind of amenities that you might be looking for in a good residential area for your property.

9. Culture and arts- The Abbotsford area is also a good area for culture and arts and this can be a great area for living with the whole family as it has a good cultural background that allows all people to prosper.

10. Resale value- As this is an upcoming property hub, it is a definite thing that the rate of properties is going to soar in the next few years. So, the resale value of your property is going to get better over time without a doubt.

If the Abbotsford real estate market interests, you and you are ready to invest in this area then you should get in touch with as this is the one address that will help you get your dream address. They will help you find the best property in Abbotsford in the most affordable price bracket for you.

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There are several kinds of homes in the world. While some people like to stay in apartments, others prefer homes with acreage. Some people like homes that are private and have the least to do with neighbors while others prefer homes where the neighbors are just about a step away. So, depending upon what kind of people we are talking about, the kind of homes also vary. Each home is different from all the others because a home has the unmistakable mark of the people who live in it. Houses only become homes when the home dwellers live in them and leave an indelible mark on the home as well.


Townhouses are one of the most preferred homes almost all over the world. Historically, townhouses were only meant for the rich and the royal families with very few normal people being able to afford one. However with the passage of time, townhouses have become quite common with plenty of people preferring them over all other kinds of homes. Townhouses in Abbotsford are very popular and you can also get one without really burning a hole in your pocket. This will be made possible by My Abbotsford Home. This is the place where you will receive through guidance on your home buying requirements. The experts here will guide you and tell you where and which townhouse to buy within your budget. If townhouses in Abbotsford interest you, let us take a look at a few features of a townhouse that you might want to consider:


  1. Height and size of the townhouse- You might want to decide whether you want to go for a duplex house, a multi-level house or a taller one. Townhouses can be modified as per the requirements provided the local governments and authorities allow it. So, you may be able to customize your townhouse after you buy it or you could rather buy one that is already just as you would like it to be.
  2. Terrace- One of the biggest advantages of buying a townhouse is that you get a terrace just for yourself. The terrace is the biggest plus point of a townhouse and it can be used for a number of things. A terrace can double up as a lawn and a rooftop barbeque location. You can throw parties there and have your very own party hall at the top of your home. You can even construct sunrooms and pergolas on the terrace and this allows you to have an extra room and great sunlit areas for yourself.
  3. Distance from the street- Some townhouses can be right on the street while some may be a little farther away. A house on the street has a few advantages, it is easy to access while one that is farther away might be hard to locate. So, you can choose whether you want the house to be on the street or farther away from it.
  4. Front and backyards- Townhouses might have huge front yards or backyards as per the design of the property. You can take a pick from among ones that have front yards or ones that have backyards. So, this way your home will have extra space in the front or at the back as per your preference.

If you feel that a townhouse is the best kind of house for you then you should definitely consider getting one right away. Townhouses in Abbotsford are available just for you and you can get the best one just with the help of . You will be guided and helped by expert counsellors who have a lot of experience in the area and who will help you get your dream townhouse.

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If you are a first time home buyer and are confused if a condo is for you or not, we are here to guide you and tell you exactly why you should consider getting a condo. First of all there are some of the most luxurious yet affordable condos for sale in Abbotsford that you should seriously be looking at. will help you get a condo that fits in your budget and is the best values for the amount that you pay. So, before you go anywhere else, just get in touch with My Abbotsford Home and get the best condo.


Now let us take a look at what are the advantages of a condo for a first time home buyer.

  1. Maintenance – This is one of the most important aspects of having a condo. Especially for people who are first time home owners, maintenance is always an issue. You might not be prepared to carry out all the maintenance activities by yourself. There are a number of such activities that might take up a large amount of your time. In order to make sure that these things do not bother you, you can go for a condo. Condos do not require maintenance on your part. You can simply leave the maintenance to the experts. As first time home owners, you should definitely go for a maintenance free condo.
  2. Easy to move into – As condos are managed by experts and you don’t need to worry about maintenance, you don’t need to make modifications into the condo before you move in. You just have to move in with your stuff and the home is going to be ready for you. You don’t need to worry about getting the home painted, or getting it readied to move it. All of these things will be done for you. So, you just need to pack your bags and move in.
  3. Safe and close-knit – Condos offer privacy along with safety of a close-knit community. As the condos are generally in areas where you can socialize and meet with your neighbors often, it makes them safe and friendly places to be in. The condos have a close-knit community about them which is great for senior citizens or for people with kids.
  4. Furnished Condos – Now a first time home buyer will definitely relate to this. If you are buying a home for the very first time, there is little chance that you have all the furniture with you already. So, instead of spending a fortune on the furniture and actually spending time and making an effort on furnishing your home from the scratch, you can actually go for a fully-furnished condo or a semi-furnished condo that can simply make the moving in easy for you.
  5. Pet and Disabled-friendly- Most condos these days are built in such a way that they are pet friendly as well as disabled friendly. So, you can just move in with your pet and also be relaxed about your friends or elders coming in on wheelchairs or with pets.

Now that you know hoe beneficial it is to get a condo and how much better it is than getting any other kind of home or apartment, why don’t you make up your mind to get a fantastic condo for yourself right away. If you are specifically looking for condos for sale in Abbotsford then the best place to seek guidance is Here you will get expert advice which will be akin to the friendly advice of a close aid or family member. After all, you are going to invest in a home for the first time, be assured that your money is in safe hands and your condo will be the best investment you will ever make. 

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Looking for a townhouse for sale in Abbotsford? Before we get to the part where you can look for the best options in townhouses, here are a few details that you need to know. These properties are semi-detached ones and don’t have other residents below or above you. In case you are looking forward to buy one, then here some important tips that you should keep in mind before making a final decision.


Experienced agents: Having experienced real estate agents on your side who have specific experience of buying and selling townhouses will benefit you in more than one way. By paying them a small fee you will experience unmatched convenience when it comes to townhouses.


Scout the location: Find out about the exact location of townhouses in advance and make sure that you find one in your preferred area itself. Evaluate your needs properly and decide the area you would like to live in.

Listing services: Keep an eye out on the listings that pop up on various listing portals, classified or advertisement. These listing services will also have the details about the area, and other properties available in the area in their database.


Pre-approval is a good idea: Get a tight grip about your budget when you are going out to buy a property. Based on that, get a pre-approval from your bank or lending institution, this makes you a preferred buyer and also helps you bag the best prices.


Check out all the details: Every townhouse will have different features and you would want to check them all before you even begin negotiating the price. Focus on the property that suits all your needs and then cross check it with all your requirements carefully. If you are upgrading to a bigger home then take the other related factors like yard maintenance and bigger size of the accommodation into consideration. Bigger property means bigger responsibility and bigger maintenance expenses.


Take out time to visit the site more than once: Even if the property looks prefect from the get go, it is a good idea to check it out at different times. See how the environment is during different times and also check closely for noise levels.

Enquire about the property: Neighbours will give you an honest opinion about living in the vicinity and how well the property actually is. Some will be nice enough to give a history check of the place to let you know about even the minute details.


Rules and regulations in the community: Nobody can survive by boycotting the community. Therefore, always get well versed with the people in the community and understand the rules and regulations of the neighbourhood. Townhouses often come with amenities like a pool. Find out about all the different rules before you move in to avoid any trouble in the future.


Making the right deal: When all is said and done, then you are ready for negotiations. If you have an experienced realtor by your side, they will help you by informing you about the existing prices in the area and help you get a good deal on your purchase as well. Negotiate carefully and get the best price possible.


Owning a townhouse is a great move and can help you avoiding the costs involved in a single family home. Once you have all the aforementioned details in hand and have made a final deal it is time to move in and make the place special by adding a touch of your personality to it. Visit today and check a wide range of townhouses options to find the one that suits your needs best. 

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Luxury homes for sale in Abbotsford! Are you also looking for a luxury home to move into the world of your dreams? Make sure you remember the following nine points whenever thinking about buying a luxury home for your loved ones.

  1. Get well versed with the search process: Luxury homes are often listed only on the best websites like have the best luxury houses for sale in Abbotsford listed among their lists. Getting in touch with such websites will also help you get more listings via realtor's personal contacts. Explore online sources thoroughly before moving out of the house though.


  1. It isn't about the pictures only: Never judge a book by its cover, and never decide on a home just by looking at its front profile images. It is historically observed that a lot of luxury homes aren't so aesthetically appealing, but they are very spacious and well built on the insight. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a luxury home, take out the time to visit the site in person.


  1. Find a realtor who is familiar with the area: Always try to do the luxury home search with a local expert as they are well aware of the available properties and know how things work out in the area. They will have access to the best of properties and would be able to schedule appointments quickly.


  1. Get your portfolio ready from your bank: Always maintain a cordial relationship with your bank and make sure you pay all your dues diligently at all times. With the right kind of relationship and credit history you would be able to get a pre approval for your mortgage and this will make things a lot easier in the process.


  1. Make a habit of documenting everything: The high end luxury properties take the documentation part very seriously and thus the whole process is critical. You must have everything on paper in order have a shot at buying your dream luxury home.


  1. Put your trust in a reliable realtor: Importance of having a good realtors cannot be described in words alone. A good realtor takes up many roles for you, he becomes your financial planner and a trustworthy person. He will act as your representative and will strive to get the best deals for you.


  1. Importance of having a title insurance: Having a title insurance is a safeguard and protects you from all the potential problems that you might have forgotten about earlier. Just make sure you read all the exceptions mentioned in the title insurance before finalizing the deal.


  1. Have a vision in mind: Have a clear idea about the kind of property you are looking for. Have all the details like area, type and location ready in your mind shortly after you start exploring, too much confusion might result in losing a favourable deal. Not only  will it affect you psychologically, but it will also have your cash tied up for a long period of time in case of further delays.


  1. Never settle for a price you're not comfortable with: Even when you are going to buy a luxury home it isn't necessary that you finalize the deal at the very quoted price by the seller. Remember this, there will be additional costs involved when you are remodelling and designing the home as per your requirements. There is always scope for negotiation, let your realtor do the talking during the negotiation rounds of the deal.


Find the best listings for luxury homes only at and explore from a myriad of options. Their quality service and commitment to find you the right home are unparalleled and they will help get the perfect deal for you.



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There are plenty of reasons to convince yourself to buy a house for sale in Abbotsford. The deals isn’t just financial but holds an emotional value to it as well. With an own house comes own responsibilities- (no pun intended). But, before you go out on a house hunting project it is best to ask yourself the following questions.Here a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you go out looking for a house.


Am I in the position to handle the finances involved in buying a house?

Take a good look at your financial condition at present and evaluate if you’d be able to afford a house at this point of time. Needless to say that if you’re struggling to make your ends meet and having a tough time paying your everyday bills, then it is better to wait till the situation stabilizes.


  • In an ideal scenario you should have at least 20% of the price in your savings to make a down payment. Along with the 20% and mortgage insurance amount, you should also have contingency money for emergencies and added expenses after the house is purchased.
  • WIthout the right amount of savings, your purchase is likely to fail and probably you won’t be able to get a mortgage from a lending institution.


For how long am I going to stay in that place?

It makes sense to buy a house in a particular place if you’re planning to stay there for minimum of five years. However, considering the present day scenario it is recommended to take even a larger window into consideration. Say- seven to eight years. This is due to aggravating transaction costs in real estate.


  • Apart from the cost of home itself, there are additional costs involved such as- costs involved in selling, loan fees, moving cost. Also, you will have to pay for renovation costs with fresh paint, home decor, curtains and more.


  • All these and more add thousands of dollars in costs. At the time of selling you can also lose the value of these additions as a part of commissions involved in real estate deals. In a typical scenario, it takes around  five years to breakeven.


What is the final cost of owning going to be after the taxation?

With a solid financial ground and ability to get into long term commitment you should now get to know about the spending and its transition into monthly payments. Using one of the mortgage calculators can solve this challenge for you.


  • While most calculators are implemented to evaluate property taxes and insurance you can get ones related to your own needs. This helps you get a realistic idea about your market.
  • Be clear about the amount of mortgage that goes towards principal and the other towards interest. Consult an expert to know about tax benefits that you can secure in various deals.



Are there any hidden or added expenses in the deal?

Unexperienced home owners often tend to ignore the additional costs involved in the deal. Most common examples are failure to include monthly charges/ association fees in the condo accommodations.


  • Costs for shared infrastructure which are never included in the initial budget.As owners you must always be clear and prepared for additional expenses, whether its fees or tasks like paint jobs etc.
  • All these expenses should be embraced without complaining, there is no other way around it.


Apart from the aforementioned questions, you can always search locally depending upon the area where you wish to purchase a home. For example you can filter your search to Abbotsford and find the best options at today.



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There are several preconceived notions about the best time to buy a house. There are houses for sale in Abbotsford throughout the year and every person has their own perception to decide which time is best to buy a house in the area.


Every season has its own flavour to enjoy and along with that flavour has its own scenarios for real estate deals. They all have unique characteristics and to understand which season would best fit your buying schedule we have discussed them all in the following points. Have a look how each season will affect your home purchase process.


Spring Season

We begin to bask in the sun again as the winter passes by to give way to spring. This season comes with increased listings of houses for sale in Abbotsford. Typically, the whole real estate market thrives during spring. Sellers benefit during the time as they have more people visiting them to check out the properties.


More footfall certainly increases the chances of a sale, although due to higher footfall and increased number of buyers, prices can experience a slight boost as compared to their previous prices.


Summer Season

Abundant sunshine and the much awaited christmas break makes the summer season a favourable time to sell a home. Thanks to the blossoming flowers and blooming neighbourhoods, the garden become colorful and attract more buyers. This helps in selling properties at a faster rate and the houses with pool are an even bigger attraction.


For buyers, patience is a good thing at this time. Summer does bring the most attractive houses for sale in the market and due to the increased popularity they might be a bit expensive. But hold on and be patient, chances are you will the best bit to your needs amidst the houses for sale.


Autumn Season

Just like sellers take advantage of the summer to sell of their properties, autumn comes as an advantageous time for the buyers. All the hype subsides by autumn and smart buyers get better deals when looking for a place in this season. Due to less buyers at this time, prices regulate and better deals can be finalized.


A lot of people out there plan extended holidays, and taking advantage of the Christmas holidays till up to early January, they sort out the buying option to find the best fit when researching the market to build confidence.


Winter Season

Considering from a buyer’s perspective, winter season is an optimum one for the buyers. The cold and chilly atmosphere results in fewer footfalls and reduced turnouts to open houses. However, those who go a step ahead and go out to buy one at this time are likely to find less competitors and competitive prices.


Winters provide additional knowledge to the buyers, for instance the cost of heat involved to keep the house warm can easily be evaluated during the cold weather, how much inconvenience can the layout have during the snowy times. The market itself slows down to a great extent in winters and thus, the buyers have a chance to negotiate the best deals with favourable terms and conditions with the seller.


Therefore, once you’ve researched and decided about the perfect season to fit your house buying schedule into, visit and check out all the available listings in your preferred location. They provide unmatched services from the inception up to the culmination of the house buying process and with years of expertise in the trade they help you secure the best of deals whilst accommodating the best product in your stipulated budget. 

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Buying a house is the most important moment in one’s life and you must not squander it at any cost. You can choose from a list of homes for sale in Abbotsford and move in quickly with your loved ones. However, there are a few details that nobody shares with you when going for a major purchase.


Here are 8 things that you must remember when buying a house:


  1. Having a realtor to initiate negotiations: Let your realtor represent you during the negotiations. WIth their experience and expertise in solicitations you can be rest assured that they will work out the best deal for your at all times. If you think that you can negotiate yourself, always consult a realtor at least once.


  1. Don’t compromise on quality of services: While having a cheap solicitor might sound like a good idea, it actually isn’t. A cheap solicitor will only provide low quality services and it will in turn cost you much more. They aren’t well versed with negotiations and often lack persuasive abilities. Therefore, invest in a solicitor for more benefits.


  1. Be patient when the negotiations start: Negotiations have an unpredictable time of initiation and involves everyone involved such as- owner, seller, and agents. Maintain your cool and do not let your feelings get the best of you. It is unwise to simply lay out your feelings about a house as it may allow the seller to become rigid during the negotiations.


  1. Be transparent when enquiring for a mortgage with banks: Do not hide any information from the bank whenever applying for a mortgage. Fill all the information honestly and diligently. In case of untrue information you will be the sufferers as it will just delay the bank’s process. Work proactively and have the required documents ready.


  1. Voice your concerns without hesitation: You can always ask your agent any questions that you have in mind. Be it the pricing or anything else. Always go prepared into the negotiations with the market prices on your tips.


  1. Be vigilant- don’t let hidden costs rob you: Be clear about the separate fees involved in the process. Get all the information beforehand so that you know exactly about the amount of money that would be required to finalize the deal. Solicitor can handle these concerns, but you would be required for documents, registry/transfer fees and stamp taxes. 


  1. Owners have no obligations to stick to one deal: Till the time the contracts have been exchanged formally and deals finalized, there is no liability on the part of the seller towards the buyer. They can change their mind at any point of time. To avoid such contingencies, it is advisable, not to have a long period of time between exchange of contracts. Longer the delay, more are the chances of deal going sour. Keep your money ready when dealing.


  1. Always check the basics after buying the house: Check if all the amenities are functioning properly and efficiently. Are there any repairs that the property needs? Get all these details checked and it is always best to check with energy suppliers to make the place energy efficient with eligible free insulation.


In case you don’t feel comfortable with the condition of the house before the final exchange, you can always call in for a building survey of the house. Yes, you will have to spend more money to get that done. The surveyors check every inch intricately can point out any structural weaknesses that they find. Thus, making it a worthwhile investment. To know more about the available listings in your preferred locations visit today and find your dream home.


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A condo comes with multiple benefits, with the most prominent one being an owner of the property. The merits of the condos always make up for the minor hassles involved. In this article we will shed light on the different considerations involved in owning a condo. With more options of homes for sale in Abbotsford, condos have become a way of life for the existing residents.


Costs Involved:

Owning a condo follows the same process as any other mortgage type, but there is a catch. The costs don’t stop at mortgage alone, owners are required to pay monthly condo association fees.


These association fees are beneficial for all the residents of the community. These funds are allocated for the maintenance and security of the condos. For example- If the gate of the complex breaks down for any reason, the funds are used to fix the same. The insurance of the condos is also paid for using these incurred charges. These charges cover complex situations that might occur in the complex.


There are bylaws under which the fees are divided into. Always make sure that you get to know about the details beforehand and check if they would fit into your monthly budget. However, the fees do not cover any damages or incident of theft, these incidents can be factored into your insurance policy.


Read The Agreement Carefully:

CCR- Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions as a set of bylaws established by the condominiums associations that govern the people living in the complex whilst keeping everybody’s happiness in mind. The CCR contains all the information related to fees, pets, parking spots and essential rules that one needs to follow within the complex.


The most important part of CCRs contain the accommodations operational budgets, leasing and remodeling constraints. In case you have trouble evaluating the CCR consult your real estate agent or a lawyer. Little money spent on professional advice would be worth it in the long run.


Social Setting Within The Complex:

Yes, financials are an important concern when you are into that ‘buying mode’, but a let us not forget to factor in the social counterpart of the deal, afterall it is a big deal to make. Different people would like different kinds of complexes and might not be able to cope up with certain kinds of complexes. Like if you’re looking for a retirement home, then it isn’t a good idea to buy a condo amidst the young and hard-partying  kids.


It’s better to visit some places in the neighbourhood to find out the crowd that lives there. Enquire about the details from them and get a clear picture about the complex. WIth the right kind of neighbourhood that compliments your lifestyle, living would become a pleasure.



Always Speak Up

So you bought your favorite condo and later found out that there are certain aspects concerning the bylaws. Always be present during the homeowner’s meetings and make your voice heard regarding the issues. The governing bodies will then discuss the matter and try to provide a solution to you.


These meetings are the best way to address the outlying issues. Also, be humble at the meetings as the governing body consists of your neighbours only. It is best to amicably find a solution to problems and unwise to start any war amongst yourselves for any reason whatsoever. Doing so will only make things unpleasant within the complex.


In case your requests break any bylaws directly, then you might have to back down as it can cause inconvenience to other residents.


Visit to find the best condos in your desired locations and get unmatched professional assistance with the related procedures.


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Looking for a townhouse for sale in Abbotsford? The residential real estate market is a haven for people seeking a new house. Some of the best townhouses, condos, houses with acreage can be found in Abbotsford. While people are moving towards condos, co-ops and apartments for the most part, townhouses can be a breath of fresh air for those who are looking for a special abode.


Here are top reasons why you should buy a townhouse in Abbotsford:


Improved Privacy: Townhouses boast an improved level of privacy for the residents as they are completely owned by the user. You don’t run into other people like in case of apartments, the whole house is at your disposal. You do not have to share any space or see a person whenever leaving or entering the premises.


There aren’t any annoying neighbours to ruin your privacy with noises and vice versa. It gives an elevated sense of living to the buyers; additional space in the house like a terrace or a backyard is a great asset and lets you create some amazing moments in the space. The space is your own and you don’t have to share.


Traditional Vertical Living: The most interesting thing about townhouses is that they are proper houses located amidst the cities itself. With their traditional vertical living design they attract the ones looking for a traditional place to call home. People’s mindset can change once they see a townhouse for the first time, they find the abode a fine escape from the hustle-bustle of the stressful city life. The onlookers are often left in aw by the beauty of these townhouses.


Complete Ownership: Unlike the shared ownership in the condos or co-ops townhomes owners entitled to the whole property. The biggest perk of owning a townhouse is that there is no shared space and thus no interference from other members like in a condo based community. Townhouse owners are liable to pay real estate tax but are exempted from paying any money as maintenance fee.


The owners don’t need to answer to anyone prior to moving in. It is this freedom that really elevates the experience of owning a townhouse. You don’t need any approvals from any boards to bring in tenants or conduct renovations, and the best part is that there are no financial restrictions on how you manage your property.


Of Course, for every ying there is a yang. With the freedom comes more responsibility. All the daily household burdens. You are liable for regular inspections, state of sidewalks, garbage and other day to day repairs that are needed regularly.


Value of a Townhouse:

The values of townhouses depend on a wide range of factors. Location of the building and width are primary points of concern for the buyers. A townhouse with a large width is often designated as a mansion, although buildings of such dimensions are rare, having one makes it even more valuable than the rest.


The townhouse’s value can be improved by adding elevators or garages. Although the true experience of vertical living doesn’t require one to install elevators and customized staircases  can be created to grace the building. But, having a garage is a great value addition and is highly coveted. It allows the owners to store their vehicles and use the space allocated for the garage to their own convenience without having to pay extra for additional garage.


You can find the most coveted townhomes here at They have myriad of options to offer and your can find a townhouse best suited to your needs and at the right location. 

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We often hear the realtors saying that the property is being appraised because of certain features or ongoing developments. A lot of homes for sale in Abbotsford are appraised by the realtors based on the features that are built within.

If you are doubtful about the home appraisal process, then you must read the following lines to understand what factors help in a property's appraisal, so that you can invest your hard earned money in the right property. Here is a list of some factors that are taken into keen consideration whenever a property is undergoing appraisal.

  1. Current Market Scenario: Identify if the current market scenario is favourable for the seller or the buyer. A scenario favouring the buyers brings competitive prices and advantageous situations for the buyer while a seller's scenario benefits the seller with limited inventory and more bidders.
  2. Age Of Property: Certain ancestral properties can be a great attraction and might also bring more business opportunities after its purchase. A lot of people are interested in vintage buildings and thus a strong foundation and historic association can help appraise a property better.
  3. Location Of Property: Location plays a major role in a property's appraisal. A desirable location is the one that has access to all major amenities easily and has a no crime neighbourhood. Natural wonders like beaches, mountains and oceans are just an added advantage for your property.
  4. Quality Of Material Used: A strong foundation will make a house that will stand the test of time. Bricks, wood, concrete and all other building materials need to be of high quality in order for a property to get a higher appraisal. Stronger the foundation higher the price.
  5. Construction Styles: A certain set of houses located in the area are enough to signify their heritage and how give you a clear idea about their age. From houses to condos, from houses with acreage to townhouses. Each structure tells a story about the style that prevailed in the area over the years and has an impact on the property appraisal.
  6. Accommodation: The number of rooms, bathrooms and living area, all create an impact on the value of a home. For dynamic families or youngsters having a spacious house, is of importance while retired folks might want something small. Selling price will be a subject to the buyer's interest in the property.
  7. Property Dimensions: The footage of a property has a direct correlation with the price of a property. More square footage means more price. An appraiser can get you the exact value of the property if you are really interested in it.
  8. Ventilation & Heating: Check for the source of heat in a place and see if it is well ventilated. You might also want to check if the property has central cooling or would it require individual units to maintain the temperature. These factors affect the value of a property to a great extent and the buyer should be aware of it at all times.
  9. Additional Storage: Storage places like the attic or the basement are a great addition to the property and the liveable space. If they are segregated into rooms then it can be an addition in the appraisal of the property.
  10. Parking Space: This is very important in case of urban residencies and condos. Identify your parking space clearly before making any offer for a property. While desired parking space will appraise the home, an insufficient amount will definitely decrease it.

Visit to see the available listings in your desired locations at very competitive prices.

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Looking at various homes for sale in Abbotsford? There is a way you can expedite your purchase process and get the best finance deals for your purchase. Learn more about pre-approval in the following lines and get the best deal on your mortgage.


Purpose of a pre-approval letter: A pre-approval letter is a commitment from a bank that you are qualified to get certain amount of money from the bank and that you can be trusted as a buyer. Primarily, two things are covered in the pre approval letter. These include:


  • Your buying capacity and the amount you can get on a mortgage.
  • It signifies you as a serious buyer in the eyes of the seller.


With a pre-approval letter in your name it becomes evident to the sellers that you have met the required criteria to secure a loan for purchasing a home. However, things which are not denoted by this letter include:


  • Property you are willing to buy
  • Interest rate on your mortgage
  • Guarantee to receive loan amount


Requirements to get pre-approved: To secure a pre-approval letter you are required to contact a lender. It is not necessary to finalise the lender from the ones you are consulting. Every lending institution has a similar criteria and formulas to evaluate you. You can consult multiple lenders to compare the offers beings made. Try not to exceed three lenders as it can have an effect on your credit rating.


Some documents that you might be asked to present include:


  • Earning statement from a regular job
  • Tax returns (typically 2 years)
  • Latest bank statements
  • Business tax returns in case of business owners


Apart from your documents they lenders will also do a check on your credit history and check the credit score. While a good credit score will help expedite things in a great way, a negative or bad credit score can create hindrances in the pre-approval process.


Popular Mortgage Types: There are two main types of mortgages in financial institutions namely- Fixed Rate Mortgages and Adjustable Rate Mortgages. The basic difference between the two is that in a fixed rate mortgage the interest rate doesn’t change through the loan tenure while it can vary under a adjustable rate mortgage.


Both mortgage types have their own set of consequences, while a fixed rate is often higher but makes sense if you’ll be staying in same place for long while adjustable rate mortgage is a riskier one as it will change will ongoing interest rates- whether lower or higher.


Fixed Rate Mortgage: In the present day scenario it is recommended to go for a fixed rate mortgage as it is good for loan terms of 15-30 years. Some benefits of going for this mortgage type are:

  • Fixed payments
  • Increase in rates will be beneficial for you
  • Refinancing is an option if rates fall
  • You rate of interest remains constant

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

This mortgage fixes your interest rate for a certain amount of time and then is set to fluctuate with ongoing market rates. The overall interest rates are usually lower than that of fixed rate mortgages, but they are a subject to changing market policies.

ARMs are beneficial if you are not expecting to stay for long at one place. Some other benefits of the same are:


  • Lower initial interest rates than the counterpart
  • Initial payments are lower
  • You might be able to qualify for a bigger loan amount.


Visit to check out the latest listings in Abbotsford and nearby areas and start planning for a finance accordingly. 

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Realtors often come across buyers who are emotional and let their feelings get the best of their overall judgement during the deals. As responsible realtors we suggest that our buyer do not make the same mistakes when buying a home for sale in Abbotsford, Sumas, Aberdeen and other areas. Emotions are a natural part of human design, but it is recommended to keep them at bay when making real estate deals.


In the following lines we will discuss some common mistakes made by the buyers when they let their emotions take hold of their judgement during a major property deal.


First Mistake- Love at first sight

Although not a person, people often tend to fall for a property by looking at it once. This should never be the case during a purchase. One should always look at several properties, compare them rationally and then take a final decision. In case a person falls in love with a property, they might end up paying more than they can afford which hurts them in the long run. Therefore, always do a diligent research with a clear mind.


Second Mistake- Tendency To Overpay

We all want our home to be perfect. But it is not the case in most of the deals. Buyers are often driven towards the perfect image in their minds and this triggers emotions which makes them overpay or go for a property which might not be within their immediate reach. Always keep a clear picture about expenses and expectations in mind and do not fall for perfection dreams.


Third Mistake- Looking for better deals

Each market has its own set of highs and lows. Present day buyers have developed a perception that no matter what they get, there will always be a better around. Yes, the real estate market is volatile and there are chances that prices could drop or maybe the rate on the mortgages might decline, it is not recommended to keep anticipating these events for long. Market fluctuations will always be there, but like they say- there is no better time to buy a house than the present. 


Fourth Mistake- Unrealistic negotiation tactics

There is no denying the fact that the buyers want the best product at the least possible price. Buyers often tend to lowball during the deals and quote unrealistic & low prices for the property. This adds to the seller’s inhibition and runs the risk of buyer losing out on the deal completely. Thus, always analyse the ongoing prices and try to negotiate within the realistic range. This practice is common among the buyers with cash and they are often looking forward for low prices due to cash availability.


Fifth Mistake- Not understanding the concept of deal

Very often we see terms like ‘short sale, ‘real estate owned’ in the marketing advertisements. This is a simple marketing strategy which fills the aforementioned buzzwords in the mix to lure buyers who are looking for a deal. In real estate market, any deal is a deal, other buzzwords are just meant to create a perception in the mind of the customer to sell. Buyers often flock on a foreclosure sale, they think they are paying less but overall end up paying more than the price desired by the sellers.  


So the next time you go out property hunting, keep the aforementioned points in mind and do not make these mistakes out of emotion alone. To see latest listings in your desired area visit and get the right advice from our experts today. 

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